Module 10 – Classroom Technology and Collaboration

I found the videos about Dylan and Jalen in this module extremely encouraging, as the students featured seemed to be able to utilise the technology available to them on a deeper level than just ‘playing around’. Both boys seemed to have a good handle on how to use technology to design, plan, collaborate and communicate. Additionally, all of the teachers in the video seemed to have an excellent knowledge of technology and how to teach students to use it. Just as students are able to successfully learn a language at a young age, I believe that technology integration can be used at a young age.

I plan to use collaborative technology to encourage students to produce artworks and projects as a group. Rather than just group work, students can use tools to not only work with their peers, but collaborate in a way that everyone can plan, design, edit, assess, and evaluate and share their work. I like the idea of a ‘private’ school networking site which allows students to share content with the school community. A site like this could be updated by students, and seen by students, parents and carers, teachers and community members. This could be extremely useful in a Visual Arts classroom.

Module 10 – Classroom Technology and Collaboration

One thought on “Module 10 – Classroom Technology and Collaboration

  1. hi Ashton
    I agree, collaborative technology provides an array of functionality in the classroom that support student collaboration. We can use traditional teaching approaches such as Jigsaw, project based learning in groups integrated with collaborative technology , Edmodo or Yammer to provide greater opportunity for connectivity.


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