The TPACK Model

Graphic via CSU Interact2

The TPACK framework is a useful guide to successfully integrating technology into teaching. As a beginning teacher, it can be difficult to effectively integrate appropriate technology to teach the desired content. Additionally, as Mishra suggests in his video, technology can change the pedagogical knowledge of teaching. Thus, every time a new technology is selected to use in the classroom, the teacher is required to assess the pedagogical method of teaching that will suit this technology and content. Personally, I believe I fall into the Technological Content Knowledge zone. In my small amount of professional experience, I feel that I have the appropriate technological knowledge and appropriate content knowledge, but sometimes struggle with how to effectively teach these elements.

As a pre-service teacher, the TPACK is a timely reminder of what is involved in the planning stages of any lesson or unit. In my personal experience, it is challenging to consider every part of the lesson in terms of pedagogy, particularly when your pedagogical knowledge has not yet completely formed. While I feel I am growing in confidence in terms of content and technological knowledge, it is difficult to combine all three elements into a successful lesson. This graphic may help in planning wholesome, engaging learning experiences.



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