Module 6 – Cyberbullying

An infographic on cyberbullying – information on how to deal with cyberbullying should be displayed around the school.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue in today’s digital society. There are many forms of cyberbulling, including prank calls, identity theft, posting inappropriate or hurtful content about another person, or sending insulting messages (Victoria State Gov’t, 2015). As a student, cyberbullying can be extremely evasive and hard to ignore. As a teacher, cyberbullying can be hard to stop. In order to deal with cyberbullying, I would suggest:

  1. Teachers need to broach the subject from an early age. Cyberbullying needs to be taught to students when using the internet, along with other ethical issues. A clear policy should be in place with severe consequences for students found engaging in cyberbullying. In my professional experience, I have not yet been introduced to such a policy, although I am sure one exists. This needs to be clear and explicitly explained to students.
  2. After identifying the issue and bringing it to the attention of a Head Teacher or Principal, I think the parents of the students involved should be informed in most cases. Often parents are unaware of what their child is doing online.
  3. There are a number of useful suggestions for dealing with cyberbullying on the Victoria Government website. It is also worth taking a look at the activities and initiatives in place as incentives to stop cyberbullying.


Victoria State Government, Education and Training.

Module 6 – Cyberbullying

One thought on “Module 6 – Cyberbullying

  1. peter lojszczyk says:

    I agree that as a teacher cyberbulling must be hard to stop. When I finished high school mobile phones were only just becoming popular and there were already instances of it occurring. I guess the only positive is that it is easy to save texts sent via phones or on facebook so if as the teacher you become aware of cyberbulling you are to track how it began.

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