Module 2 – Digital Literacy

According to Josie Fraser, digital literacy involves digital tool knowledge, critical thinking and social engagement (The Guardian, para.1, 2012). While I agree that these are all elements of digital literacy, my definition is somewhat different.

I would define digital literacy as the knowledge of a variety of digital technologies, their appropriate applications, and the ethical ways in which to utilise them.

While many of todays students are ‘digital natives’ who know how to work various digital technologies, many do not know to use them in an effective and ethical manner. I believe that this element of digital literacy is an important one to integrate into learning and teaching, particularly at a secondary level.


20 ways of thinking about digital literacy in higher education The Guardian Newspaper. Tuesday 15 May 2012.

Module 2 – Digital Literacy

One thought on “Module 2 – Digital Literacy

  1. Hi Ashton, Thanks for your post. Yes, I had a bit of a problem with digital literacy being defined only as tool knowledge, critical thinking and social engagement because like other literacies it should include for example metalanguage which should cover anything regarding technology, accessories, and its use as you have mentioned; not just tool specific.I expect someone who is digitally iterate to be use appropriate terminology and have a clear understanding of the internet, cloud, software and devices and know how it works. I think many people are skilled in one area, such as gaming, but for me that doesnt count as being digitally literate; its like like being able to write but not read.


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